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Jews, Israel, & Jesus

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Course Description:

This course will impart to you a Biblical revelation of God’s redemptive purpose for Israel, the work of Jesus/Yeshua as their Messiah, and how that impacts God’s dealings with the Jewish people and the nations of the world, even up to today.


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Key Verses:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.  - ​Romans 1:16 NIV

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Jews, Israel, & Jesus
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Jews, Israel, & Jesus: Course Index

Course Introduction

Unit One: The Jewishness of Jesus

Unit Two: To the Jew First


Unit Three: God's Purpose & Israel's Need for Messiah

Unit Four: Prophets Foretell of Messiah

  • 4.A - All Prophets Testify of Messiah

  • 4.B - The Seed of the Woman 

  • 4.C - Abraham Saw Jesus' Day and Rejoiced 

  • 4.D - Jacob Blesses Judah

  • 4.E - Prophet Like Moses

  • 4.F - Messiah in the Psalms 

  • 4.G - Isaiah's Servant Songs

  • 4.H - Various Aspects of Messiah's Life & Ministry

  • 4.I - Daniel Foresees the Timeline & Events up to Messiah

  • 4.J - High Expectancy for Messiah's Arrival

  • 4.K - Pagan Honorable Mentions: Balaam & the Wise Men

  • 4.L - Messianic Hope Summarized

Unit Five: Israel Rejects Messiah

  • 5.A - Israel Rejects God's Messiah

  • 5.B - Israel's Worldwide Rejection of Messiah (except by a Remnant by Faith)

  • 5.C - The Temple Destroyed Again, 70 AD

  • 5.D - God Has Not Rejected Israel

  • 5.E - A Remnant Believed

Unit Six: Covenant

  • 6.A - What is a Covenant?

  • 6.B - Noah & All Creation: One-Sided, Everlasting Covenant

  • 6.C - Abraham: One-Sided, Everlasting Covenant

  • 6.D - Sinai, the Law: Two-Sided Covenant that Fades Away

  • 6.E - David: One-Sided, Everlasting Covenant

  • 6.F - The Promise of the Everlasting New Covenant

  • 6.G - The New Covenant: Everlasting

  • 6.H - Old Covenant: Fading Away but Still in Effect for the Jewish People

  • 6.I - The Spread of the New Covenant

Unit Seven: Romans 9-11

  • 7.A - Romans 9

  • 7.B - Romans 10

  • 7.C - Romans 11

Unit Eight: Return to the Land

  • 8.A - The Literal, Non-Allegorical, Interpretation of Scripture

  • 8.B - The Promise to the Patriarchs - the Land of Canaan

  • 8.C - Historical Evidence of the Promise

  • 8.D - Exile from the Land Foreseen & Foreknown

  • 8.E - The Promise of Returning to the Land from Exile

  • 8.F - The Land Trampled by Gentiles - Again

  • 8.G - The Heart Cry of the Exiles

  • 8.H - A Nation Born in a Day - Again

Unit Nine: End-Times: Trouble to Triumph

  • 9.A - Latter Days Restoration to the Lord and the Land

  • 9.B - Jacob's Trouble & Restoration

  • 9.C - God's Gathering of the Nations Against Israel to Judgment

  • 9.D - The United Nations Conquered and Cursed, Israel Victorious

Unit Ten: Sharing Messiah with the Jewish People

  • 10.A - Gain Jewish Perspective 

  • 10.B - Jesus is their Long-Awaited Messiah

  • 10.C - They Have Been Lied to Since the Resurrection 

  • 10.D - More Perspective & Helpful Terminology

  • 10.E - Brief History & Recognition of Violence

  • 10.F - Various Types of Jews

  • 10.G - Sharing With Jewish People

  • 10.H - Common Opposition & Resistance

  • 10.I - Beware of Pitfalls of Jewish Interest

  • 10.J - Tell Them to Go to Israel

Course Outro

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