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Jill Shannon

Jill Shannon is a Messianic Jewish Bible teacher, author and worshiper/songwriter based in Jerusalem, Israel. Jill speaks and writes about the worship of Heaven, holy living, intimacy and transparency with the Lord, the biblical Feasts, the Song of Songs, Israel, and the Church. 
Jill is married, with three grown children and two grandsons. See Jill’s website for all books, music, and teachings.  


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Tracy Hogan

Tracy resides in Ireland where she founded The Voice of My Beloved - A Call to the Nations Ministry. Her calling is to prophetically teach the Word of God to help prepare the Bride of Messiah for the Lord Yeshua’s soon coming return. This bridal preparation comes by teaching her truth, purity, holiness and in helping nurture in her an intimate love relationship with our Bridegroom King, through worship, intercession and warfare. www.thevoiceofmybeloved.com

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Sheila Kay

Sheila Kay's ministry, ​House of Prayer, Prophecy, and Healing, in addition to her inner-city street ministry, Restoring the Broken Vessel, has blossomed into seven churches in the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas. She heads a monthly Prophetic Roundtable and has authored two books, Maturing in Son-ship through Suffering and Promises: God’s Provision through His Promises. Last but not least, Sheila is joyfully a great-grandmother.

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Wendy Bowen

Wendy Bowen is the founder of Manifest International, LLC. After being the ultimate Type A, the Lord called her to give away all of her possessions and live entirely by faith, prayer, and obedience to His voice. She has authored ten books and God has sent her to minister in almost twenty nations. She spreads the message of God's faithfulness all over the world, wherever God sends her. The Lord blesses her ministry with His manifest presence and with miracles, signs, and wonders.


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